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NUAR System Overview

NUAR System Overview

The NEXO Universal Amp Rack (NUAR) provides NEXO users with a scalable, ‘plug & play’, amplified audio distribution solution of unrivalled power and flexibility. Systems of any size can be configured easily using channel by channel preset selection of any NEXO cabinet, and digital output patching.

The NUAR rack comprises a pair of NEXO NXAMP4X4 amplifiers, twin DMU digital input metering devices, a pair of DPU digital output patching devices and a choice of 110V, 220V or dual-voltage mains distribution boxes providing power to all the components in the rack.

System configuration is simple, using either ESMonitor the new NEXO NeMo iPad® app. NEXO cabinet presets are selected on a channel by channel basis, with selected cabinet names displayed by the DPU for easy output patching.

Digital input metering is provided by the DMU, clearly indicating the presence and status of input signals, including

An entirely new library of presets for every single cabinet in the NEXO range delivers linear phase across any system, making it possible to mix and match NEXO cabinets.

Increased efficiency and versatility is inherent in NUAR’s mechanical design. The 14U chassis is suspended within a robust rack case, featuring two sliding doors and an integrated rigging system. This enables up to 3 racks to be flown using an optional bumper and the easy attaching/detaching of a wheelboard.

Each NUAR is fully configured and tested at NEXO to provide a truly versatile and tailored ‘Plug & Play’ amplification solution.

Each NUAR Rack Comprises:

1 X ASD14U + removable wheelboard
2 x NXAMP4x4 Power Amplifier (110V, 220V or 110V/220V)
2 x DMU Digital Meter Unit
2 x DPU Digital Patching Unit
1 x Power Box (110V, 220V or 110V/220V)
2 x 4U NEXO perforated panels
3 x 2U NEXO perforated panels
2 x DB25 cords
2 x DB9 cords
4 x SPEAKONS 4*2.5mm² power cords
8 x XLR/XLR cords
4 x 250V/10A power cords
6 x RJ45 cords
Optional Digital Audio Networking Cards
2 x EtherSound cards or
2 x DANTE cards
Optional Rigging Bumper includes:
2 x 10 x 60mm heavy duty ball lock with + retaining cables
1 x 5/8” shackle

Mechanical Data:

Dimensions (H D W with board Wheel): 889mm (14U) x 663mm x 600mm
Weight (all devices + board wheels): 133kg (293.2 lbs)
Finish: Heavy duty black 900 vinyl cover

Dimensions (H D W): 60mm x 150mm x 600mm
Features: includes 1 x 5/8' shackle, 2 x 10 x 60mm Ball Locks with cables
Weight: 6kg (13.2 lbs)
Finish: Black 900, sanded paint
Max Load: 450Kg up to 3 NUAR


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