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STM Series System Overview

STM Series System Overview

Finally, a system that works the way you work.

For too long now, the business of a sound rental company has been dictated by system manufacturers. You need one type of system to be in the touring market, another for corporate jobs, and so on. It all adds up to a lot of boxes that often spend more time in the warehouse than they do on the road.

STM changes all that. The concept of Scale Through Modularity delivers a new level of versatility, enabling contractors to design a wide range of systems from just four core modules. And in applications large and small, these systems can significantly outperform existing solutions.

Of course increased versatility brings a welcome improvement in return on investment. But with STM, that’s just the start. From system storage and configuration, through transportation and rigging, to wiring and amplification, STM delivers important operational and logistical cost savings at every stage of the process.

Any size of STM system can be configured from a combination of four small, powerful and proportionally-sized modules.

From a simple ground stack to a massive stadium system, STM makes it quick and easy to ‘clip together’ the systems you need for any job. One day it could be for an event audience of 1000. The next day for 100,000. STM can be flown one wide, two wide or three wide on a single bumper. The facility to add a third hang of Bass modules creates a system of unrivalled power with massive LF headroom.

In developing STM, NEXO considered not only the versatility and performance of the system in use, but also its efficiency of operation at every stage of the live sound rental process. Modular dollies, road-ready casing and universal amp racks deliver significant savings in operational costs, further enhancing return on investment.

Innovative PistonRig™ and REDLock™ rigging enables any size of system to be flown safely by one person. Using a compression-mode rigging method, the system remains completely flat during rigging, and requires no lifting or pushing.

The NEXO Universal Amp Rack feeds 12 STM modules in any combination in groups of 3. Comprising NXAMP4x4 amplifiers, 2 digital input patches, 2 digital output patches and an optional EtherNet or DanteTM network card, the NUAR forms a compact, powerful and scalable amplification solution for STM systems of any size.